Humu Picasso Triggerfish - Philippines


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Rhinecanthus aculeatus

Triggers are very unique in appearance and behaviors. They are most commonly known for being aggressive, however, there are some species that are considered only semi-aggressive. Do not house with smaller or timid fish or they can become a snack. Aggression can be amplified in smaller tanks. Since they like to pick on smaller sessile invertebrates, they are not considered reef safe. To make the trigger feel at home make sure the rockwork has ample hiding places and is sturdy. For continued health provide a varied diet of meaty foods, multiple times a day. Since they have teeth, the trigger needs to be fed foods with a shell to keep them from overgrowing. Cautionary note, all triggers have these sharp teeth and may bite when they feel threatened. A good time to work in aquariums that have triggerfish in them is after feeding. The Picasso Trigger is an exquisite fish that has colors that look like they were painted on. They will grow to be about 10 inches in size and will need ample swimming space. Full grown adults will need at least 150 gallons; however, juveniles can be kept in smaller aquariums. The Picasso Triggers are found in the Indo-Pacific inhabiting shallow protected lagoons and reef flats up to 50 meters deep. Juveniles are more secretive and tend to stay hidden in the wild, while the adults will be out in the open more.

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