Frequently Asked Questions

5 Ordering

Corals are saltwater animals and will not survive in freshwater. Many corals can not even tolerate being dipped in freshwater.
Please contact us via phone or email so we can look into why the code is not working and provide you with a working code.
Absolutely. Please call, email, or message us and we will be happy to guide you through placing a custom order.
Orders ship same day if placed before 1pm est, otherwise next business day. Orders placed anytime after Thursday 1pm will ship out on Monday unless Saturday Delivery is requested.
You can checkout as a guest and we can track and merge any orders from your billing information.

7 Inventory

The photos on our site are sometimes taken under different lighting setups. We also have multiple photographers taking and editing images in order to keep the site stocked with new items. This sometimes causes slight differences in the photos and colors of some of the same frags listed. We are constantly improving our methods to make all of our photos more consistent and accurate.
A lot of factors go into pricing the frags, especially WYSIWYG items. Size, coloration, and current inventory can influence pricing. Our prices are fluid and change based on the supply and demand of each coral.
Most of the time, sure. Especially if it is an Acropora species. Just contact us and we can cut you a frag.
Both items are pulled from the same coral farm. One is just a photo of the exact item you will receive (What You See is What You Get), where the other is a photo of a stock frag. The stock frag we will pull from the same area we would the WYSIWYG frag and it will be of the same quality. This allows us to list corals on our site more often to offer you more choices. Stock inventory frags are often less expensive as well because we do not go through the time to individually photograph and set aside the coral like we do WYSIWYG pieces.
Multiple times per week. Typically Mon-Wed-Fri for WYSIWYG corals. New packs and stock inventory corals are added/updated throughout the week.
Most frags are 3/4" - 1" in size. Frags labeled "XL" are on 1.25" plugs and are 1.5" or larger.
No problem just give us a shout. We have a massive collection and can't possibly list every coral online at all times. We'll be happy to help you find what you are looking for. Payment can be made via email invoice or by phone.

7 Shipping

Yes but FedEx charges more for Saturday Overnight Delivery. $15 fee is added to your order for Saturday Delivery.
We have shipping software that connects our eBay account with our website and automatically merges orders based on name/address. So as long as the orders are under the same name/address you are good to go.
We are not able to ship internationally due to the CITES restrictions on shipping corals overseas. This as well as the shipping and clearance costs involved make it prohibitive.  Keep checking back on our ability to ship internationally, but we will only do so to distributors and wholesalers who can purchase a minimum of $10,000 per shipment.
FedEx Priority Overnight is an expensive service, but it is necessary for the health of the animals to arrive to your door as soon as possible. Priority Overnight is the most reliable way to ship corals in the US. Our rates for this service are very competitive.
Yes. You can always combine any orders together for only one shipping fee no matter how many items.
We only use FedEx Priority Overnight on all orders.
$29.99 outside of Florida, $19.99 in Florida - FREE on orders over $199

5 Guarantee

Take a photo of the coral before you take it out of the bag if you believe it is dead on arrival. You can also take a photo of it underwater through the glass with white and blue lights on. It is very difficult to tell if most corals are dead from a photo of them out of water under natural lighting.
Your 10-Day Guarantee begins on the day your ordered is delivered by FedEx. It lasts for 10 full days and you can contact us anytime within the 10 days. Even if you have issues with your coral after the 10-Day Guarantee we would still like to hear from you and see what we could do to help.
Our guarantee only applies to corals we ship out of our facility. Corals that are sold in store, picked up, or sold at trade shows are not covered by our 10-Day Guarantee.
You will have to pay for shipping the replacement unless your order is a total loss.
Just send us a photo to and we will issue either a replacement or a credit if another frag of the same coral is not available.

3 Acclimation

We recommend blowing off the corals very lightly with a turkey baster or pipette and inspecting them. If you are going to dip a very light dip for a short time is recommended as the corals may already be stressed from shipping.
15 minutes is plenty of time to acclimate. The idea is to get the coral slowly adjusted to temperature and then get it into the reef as soon as possible. It may be already stressed from shipping so a long acclimation process will only stress it more.

3 Aquarium Setup

One turbo snail per 1-2 gallons & one hermit crab per 5-10 gallons will help keep your tank algae free. You may want to look for more non-aggressive hermit crab species (Clibanarius tricolor, Calcinus elegans) and hardier snail species that are more capable of flipping themselves (Tectus fenestratus, Trochus sp.). A few Mexican turbo snails and Conchs can also be good additions to the reef aquarium. Keep in mind hermit crabs can eat your snails for their shells so it's best to have much more snails than hermits or provide the crabs with empty shells.
We recommend running around a 10-12 hour total light schedule for coral. 3 hours of blue light, 4 hours of white and blue in the middle of the schedule, and 3 more hours of blue at the end is a general method. It can be beneficial to have the intensity fade in and out of the schedule if you have a controller, simulating sunrise/sunset. Too much light right away can bleach coral so until you know how corals react to your lighting system it is best to start off with a short schedule or low intensity and gradually ramp as you see the corals respond.
We recommend waiting at the minimum 1 month before introducing a coral to your saltwater aquarium, but 3 months is more ideal and less risky. Be sure to test your parameters before adding a coral and always double check your test results with a local fish store.

1 Wholesale

We do! However, be aware that we only sell wholesale corals to Brick and Mortar Retail stores.  If you do have a retail store front, please email us a link to your website, photos of your store, plus your business license and Federal Tax ID# to and we'll review your information and get back to you within 1 to 2 business days. Please note that we require a minimum purchase of $1000.
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