Sunburst Anthias - Fiji


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Serranocirrhitus latus

Anthias are known for being brightly colored and will make an exquisite display when added in a harem. They can be added in groups of at least three, but will do much better in a harem size of 6 or 9. Usually, one in the group will morph into a male, and a male can be added for every 4 or 5 females, which gives a much more completed look. The males will protect the females, making for a really great show. Due to their increased metabolism, it is important that these anthias are fed multiple times a day and a varied diet for their continued health. They will grow to be 5 inches in size and will require an aquarium of 70 gallons. The Sunburst Anthias are found in the Western Pacific and inhabits coral reefs in groups up to 70 meters deep.

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