JC Pink Polyp Stylocoeniella

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2.5" x 2" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! This is one of the most classic of all Stylocoeniella! The stunning pink polyps and the dark purple base are unforgettable!

Stylocoeniella are an amazingly hardy encrusting SPS coral. They can pretty much encrusting anything in your reef given enough time. From overflows to barebottom reefs and of course your live rock, if you are looking to add another dimension to a normally mundane part of your reef, this is the coral for you! Keep in mind that Stylocoeniella don't do well under high light and high, so make sure to keep them in low to medium lighting (125 to 175 par) and medium flow.

Lighting = Low Light at around 125 to 175 par
Flow = Low to Medium Alternating Flow
Feeding = Good Quality Frozen SPS Food 1x / weekly

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