Long Polyp Toadstool Leather Coral

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4" in diameter, WYSIWYG and fully conditioned by WWC!

Leather Corals (specifically Sarcophyton, Sinularia, Capnella, Cladiella, Lobophytum, Sympodium, Cespitularia, Nepthea, Clavularia, Pachyclavularia, Efflatounaria and Xenia) can adapt to most areas of your reef given enough time to acclimate to a particular par, that said, some genus do better under more intense lighting and even higher flow. As such we recommend placing these particular this Sarcophyton leather at around mid-way in a lower light mixed reef (around 125 to 175 par) with medium alternating flow. Leathers really shouldn't be directly fed as their growth can be explosive if so and they can quickly take over a reef. Feeding your fish a tiny bit more a couple times a week should suffice.

Lighting = Low Light at around 75 to 125 par
Flow = Low to Medium Alternating Flow
Feeding = Good Quality Frozen LPS Food 1x / weekly

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