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Pomacanthus navarchus

Angelfish come in a large array of colors, patterns and sizes that make them very appealing to all levels of hobbyists. Unlike Centropyge angels, this genus is known for having large adult sizes.

The Blue Girdled Angel is considered hardy and will thrive in aquariums as long as they have sufficient swimming space and a balanced diet. They generally feed on a wide variety of algae, sponges, soft corals and other benthic organisms in the wild and this should be mimicked in your home aquarium. This is also why they are not considered reef safe. They are categorized as a large angelfish because they have a maximum size is usually around 9” but there are reports of some growing to be over a foot in size even in an aquarium. Full grown adults of this angel will need at least 180 gallons; however, juveniles can be housed in smaller aquariums. The Blue Girdled Angels are found around in the Indo-Pacific. They inhabit coral and sponge rich areas of lagoons, channels and reef slopes up to 40 meters deep. Like most large angelfish the Blue Girdled will go through a complete transformation from juvenile to adult. As a juvenile, they are dark blue with thin neon blue vertical stripes. An adult will remain dark blue but will have a great deal more yellow and their stripes will be fewer but thicker.

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