Nexus Burst Grafted Bubble Anemone

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3" in diameter, WYSIWYG and fully conditioned by WWC! We have some exciting news here at WWC! We have an established colony of Nexus Anemone's and they are spectacular! Cool thing about Nexus Nems is that the larger they grow the more striking the grafted red and neon green becomes!

Aquacultured Bubble Anemone's can adapt to most anything you can throw at them! They can handle most water parameters, a range of lighting, and flow as long as they have a secure and safe place to anchor their foot they'll do great. Just be careful of placing corals in and around the bubble anemone as it will reach much further than you will want and end up slowly destroying whatever it touches. Also be cognizant that Bubble Anemone's can move around (especially when first placed into your reef) and because of that fact, you will need to place an anemone guard around all of your powerheads.

Lighting = Med to High light at around 150 to 250 par
Flow = Medium Alternating Flow
Feeding = Good Quality Frozen meaty foods 1x per week.

Vic’s Picks features the sweetest, and absolute healthiest corals from our 30,000 gallon farm. Vic, one of the founders of WWC, has an eye for corals and he is known throughout the industry for his ability to find and farm gorgeous corals. Vic personally and carefully hand picks all the corals for this collection. 

Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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