Orchid Fridmani Dottyback - Aquacultured - U.S.A.


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Pseudochromis fridmani

The aquacultured Fridmani Orchid Dottyback may be small in size, but it certainly doesn't lack personality. Due to its tendency towards aggression, it's best to house this Dottyback alone or with fish of similar temperaments. They thrive in environments rich in rock, providing ample hiding spots, although this can sometimes trigger territorial behavior. With an adult size of only 3 inches, the Orchid Dottyback is well-suited for smaller aquariums. Their slender bodies boast a beautiful solid purple coloration, adding a touch of elegance to any tank. Maintaining a diverse diet of meaty foods is essential for the health of the Dottyback and helps curb aggression towards other fish and prevents them from targeting desirable invertebrates. Unlike some other species, they do not typically prey on bristleworms or small mantis shrimp, which can be advantageous in maintaining tank balance. In their natural habitat in the Western Indian Ocean, they are often found inhabiting crevices of rocks and beneath overhangs within reefs, typically at depths of up to 60 meters. This species was successfully aquacultured in a state-of-the-art hatchery in Los Angeles, California.

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