Sand Sifter Invert Pack

Sand Sifter Invert Pack


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Small - 3 Nassarius Snails, 1 Misc Conch, 5 Red Leg Hermits, 5 Cerith Snails 

(up to 29g)

Medium - 6 Nassarius Snails, 2 Misc Conchs, 10 Red Leg Hermits, 10 Cerith Snails, 1 Cucumber OR 1 Sand Sifting Starfish

(up to 65g)

Large -  12 Nassarius Snails, 3 Misc Conchs, 20 Red Leg Hermits, 20 Cerith Snails, 1 Cucumber OR 1 Sand Sifting Starfish

(up to 90g)

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