WWC Cosmic Candy Bounce Chalice

SKU: VP-031524-22

Sale price$799.00


2" x 1.25" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! The one, the only, WWC Cosmic Candy Bounce Chalice! This grafted, bubbly, juiced up Chalice is insane! It's unlike anything you've seen before with those bubbles and it's grafted! Say what?!? Check out the mother colony photo, as it will make you scratch your head and wonder at how amazing nature actually is! We only release a few of these a year, so don't miss out! As the mouths are pretty small on this Chalice, you'll want to target feed (weekly) a good quality refrigerated food such as Oyster Eggs, etc... Also, don't blast them with light as they prefer around 125 to 150 par and make sure to keep them in minimal flow.

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