WWC Aussie Toxic Slimer Acropora

SKU: VP-052424-21

Sale price$129.00


2" x 1" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC for over 10 years! Sizzling Neon Toxic Branches make this bushy stag unforgettable and will permanentely make an impression on your brain! How's that for a bunch of adjectives to describe this legacy Acro of ours!

We recommend giving this particular staghorn Acro a good amount of space to grow and about 250 par for best growth and coloration. This Acropora should be given and medium to high alternating flow and fed indirectly via broadcast feeding a couple of times per week with a good quality SPS food. Just make sure to not feed too much as this can ruin your water quality. Smaller amounts, more often is a good rule to follow.

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