WWC Balrog Zoanthids

SKU: VP-051624-15

Sale price$299.00


2" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! One of our latest Zoanthid releases, these large and screaming red Zoas with a crazy pattern and are very similar to our legacy WWC Illuminati, but they might just be a tad brighter! And they seem to be a bit easier to keep in the long run! Double bonus, bam! Zoanthids can adapt to most areas of your reef, however, some subspecies do better under more intense lighting and even higher flow. As such we recommend placing these particular Zoas at around mid-way (around 200 to 250 par) with medium alternating flow. You can also broadcast feed Zoanthids with a good quality SPS food for even faster growth. This is especially effective for those Zoanthids with larger polyps as they can grow like crazy once established.

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