WWC Deadpool Leptoseris Coral

SKU: VP-021624-03

Sale price$299.00


1.25" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! It's back! Talk about a slow grower! The WWC Deadpool Leptoseris is an absolute legend in our eyes as when it's kept in the perfect low light spot (75 par or a bit less) it is freaking stunning! It's a perfect deep glowing cherry red with a dark purple to almost black graft. I personally love this Lepto! Leptoeris prefer areas of low alternating flow and lower light. As such, we don't recommend giving this WWC Deadpool Leptoseris anymore than 50 par (bottom of your reef, almost in the shade). And be very careful when placing this beauty in your reef as they are subject to being bleached out by too much light. They will also appreciate being target fed an SPS food (due to their smaller mouths spread throughout the surface of the coral) 2x times weekly. Just don't over do it. A couple of squirts is all it takes.

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