WWC Grafted Demon Lord Goniopora Coral

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2" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! Bow down to the Lord of Darkness! This captivating Goniopora is deep purple with a toxic green center and even has a unique graft to it and part of it is only just that darker purple. This is one sweet piece and will add some much loved movement in your aquarium as it's long polyps sway back and forth in the flow!
Unfortunately, Goniopora still get a bad rap. Gone should be the thought of them possibly not doing well for the intermediate or advanced reefer. We have over 40 varieties growing out in our farm and if we can do it, so can you! Goniopora prefer lower to medium-low par (125 to 175), with medium alternating flow and to be target fed an SPS food (due to their smaller mouths at the end of each tentacle) several times weekly. Just don't over do it. A couple of squirts is all it takes.

Vic’s Picks features the sweetest, and absolute healthiest corals from our 30,000 gallon farm. Vic, one of the founders of WWC, has an eye for corals and he is known throughout the industry for his ability to find and farm gorgeous corals. Vic personally and carefully hand picks all the corals for this collection. 

Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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