WWC Mountain Dew Chalice Coral

SKU: VP-053124-06

Sale price$329.00


3" in diameter, WYSIWYG and aquacultured by WWC! Another timeless classic here at WWC! That nuclear neon green and aqua blue base, it also has reddish pink eyes and orange costae (the raised bumps around the eyes). This chalice has ALOT going on is one of my personal favorites in our whole collection. It is also hardy for a chalice and grows fairly well. I think every reef tank should have one of this incredible strain!

This chalice is perfect for the lower section of a mixed reef with par around 100 to 155 and low to medium-low flow. We also recommend to target feed this Chalice a tiny amount once a week, but only when it's feeding tentacles are extended a little bit (this usually occurs while feeding your fish, or before the lights come off or before they turn off for the night.)

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