WWC Pit Viper Bowerbanki Coral

SKU: VP-041224-13

Sale price$699.00


3/4" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! This Bowerbanki is beyond words. It's just incredible and far and away the hottest Bowerbanki we have ever propagated (albeit the WWC Punisher Bowerbanki is pretty sweet too!). Check out the mother colony photo and just imagine this piece as it grows out! Bragging rights will ensue as we only produce a few frags a year! Oh, and if you've never had a Bowerbanki, they are pretty much bullet proof! Bowerbanki have very similar feeding and light requirements to Aussie lords and in general prefer minimal lighting at around 150 par and low to medium alternating flow. I would also recommend target feeding a very small amount once a week with a good quality meaty frozen food, but just make sure their feeding tentacles are out, as it not it will roll right off the coral and end up somewhere you usually don't want it (like under your rock structure, where it will rot and possibly mess up your water parameters).

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