WWC Shark Attack Acropora

SKU: VP-061124-13

Sale price$249.00


2" x 1.5" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! Watch out for the Shark Attack! This cool Acropora is coming in HOT! Super neon color that really pops. This sweet piece is sure to look great growing out in any Acropora enthusiasts reef tank.

This Acropora should be given medium to high alternating flow and fed indirectly via broadcast feeding a couple of times per week with a good quality SPS food. Just make sure to not feed too much as this can ruin your water quality. Smaller amounts, more often is a good rule to follow. This Acropora is a good grower and can double its size every nine months to a year given a reasonably mature reef with stable parameters and placed in an area where it can receive around 200 to 250 par.

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