Mystery Encrusting Coral 3 Pack


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Encrusting is a coral growth form where the coral grows like a crust and takes on the shape of whatever rock or object you place them on. Encrusting corals come in various colors, and World Wide Corals grow a massive assortment of these popular saltwater aquarium corals at our aquaculture facility in Orlando, Florida. 

The Mystery Encrusting Coral 3 Pack has three hand-picked coral frags, each selected for their color and healthiness, that average 3/4" in size. With this pack, you will get an assortment of beautiful encrusting corals to place on your saltwater aquarium aquascape. The corals we choose from can be from any genera: Leptoseris, Lithophyllon, Psammocora, Styloccoeniella, Encrusting Montiporas, and Cyphastreas.

Encrusting corals are perfect for filing in those little gaps on your aquarium aquascape. For the most part, encrusting corals do well in low-light environments and tolerate everything from low to medium flow. Leptoseris, in particular, does well inside rockwork and will grow even in indirect light.

Once you receive your corals, if you have any questions about Encrusting Coral care, our guest service team will be happy to assist!

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