Zoanthid Coral Frags

Zoanthid coral are one of the most well-known and easy to keep corals in the hobby. These "flowers of the reef" and the gardens that they will eventually create will blow your mind! The color morph combos of Zoa corals are practically unlimited. The polyps and tentacles can have some of the most amazing patterns of any coral. Zoanthid frags are also one of the fastest growing corals. They can be placed all over the aquarium, but most Zoas for sale at World Wide Corals usually prefer to be placed near medium-high light and high indirect flow areas. They are not aggressive, per se, towards other corals, but can be invasive as they can outgrow and eventually overgrow other corals. Zoanthid corals do best in rich nutrient tanks where they can filter feed daily. Check out our selection of Zoanthid coral for sale to find the right Zoa frags for your tank!

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