Aquarium Maintenance Services in Orlando, FL

Offering unparalleled aquarium maintenance. The Service Team at World Wide Corals has over a decade of experience and are ready to help with any of your aquarium needs. Call Us Today: (407) 856-2066.

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In addition to our outstanding selection of live coral and invertebrates, we also provide professional aquarium services to keep your coral, fish, and invertebrates healthy and happy. Whether you want aquarium maintenance services in Florida to keep your tank in great condition or need installation of a brand-new aquarium, our experienced team of experts can help you get it done. We can install and maintain aquariums of any size. Learn more about our design, installation, and maintenance services for aquariums in Orlando below, or contact us at (407) 856-2066 for more information and a free quote.


  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Schedule
  • Cleaning Aquarium Filtration and Equipment
  • Water Testing and Visual Inspection
  • Livestock Selection and Husbandry
  • Servicing Aquariums of All Sizes
  • Servicing Orlando and Florida


World Wide Corals provides coral and fish tank service and maintenance throughout Florida. We service saltwater aquariums of any size. Our aquarium maintenance programs can be weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs.


A typical aquarium service includes cleaning the aquarium and filtration system, replacing media, and performing a water test and visual inspection of the aquarium, equipment, and its inhabitants. This ensures optimal conditions for supporting different types of life.

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Customer Reviews

"Matt and Sergio did a great job! It was easy to see they knew what they were doing with our Innovative Marine 170 Int. There level of expertise was reassuring and greatly appreciated!!" -M.D.

"Excellent service friendly technicians really a pleasure to work with them." - R.M.

"My experience with WWC has always been positive. They have a good selection of fish and corals." - P.W.

"I am over a year of service with Mike and couldn’t be happier. My tank looks beautiful and I’m learning something new every visit!" - T.K.

"Andres came to our house for a water tank service and he was very nice and skilled, he brought all the things that we needed and more. We can't wait for out next appointment and see our water tank complete sep up." - Y.M.

"Technician was very knowledgeable and helpful." - A.C.

"Service technician was thorough and offered a lot of good advice." -L.C.

"I really appreciate the expertise and attention to detail. This is a wonderful addition to any home and I appreciate Dre's experience. I have had an aquarium in my home for almost 30 years. Much has changed but experience in the venue is hard to come by. I trusted my service people to let me know if anything needed updating or fixing and unfortunately this did not happy ... I can only assume due to lack of knowledge. Looking forward to working with Dre!" - W.G.

"Alex and Dre went above and beyond to assist us in what could have been a disaster of fish tank situation. The time they spent prior to coming to our school and the ability to pivot when actually seeing the situation was a true blessing. We will DEFINITELY recommend World Wide Corals!" - K.C.

We also offer aquarium installations!

Custom Development & Consultations

No matter if your aquarium is a Nano or 10,000 gallons, we are ready to take on the project. Our expert aquarium designers and experienced tank engineers are here to bring your idea to life.


Our Orlando aquarium service team also aquarium installations from custom builds to out of the box all-in-one aquariums. We have trained technicians who are experienced in all aspects of the installation, design and maintenance process. We have a vehicle fleet can take on multiple large projects at once.

Custom Box