Acropora Coral for Sale

World Wide Corals is home to a great selection of Acropora coral for sale. Acropora is one of the most difficult corals to keep but can also be the most rewarding. Beginners should not attempt to keep Acropora as they must have a very stable reef system. For best results, they should not be added to a system younger than 6 months old. Acropora grows extremely fast under the right conditions and can provide beautiful tree-like shapes in your aquarium. Acropora normally requires a high amount of light with a high volume of alternating flow to keep them happy and colorful. The best way to feed your Acropora is via broadcast feeding your reef. They will actually catch small particulates like Zooplankton in their polyps as it floats around your reef. Acropora is the apex of our hobby as once they establish themselves, look out! You'll be hooked forever! Check out our selection of Acropora coral for sale below.

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