Mystery Montipora Coral 4 Pack


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The Mystery Montipora Coral 4 Pack comes with four hand-selected coral frags grown here at the World Wide Corals Aquaculture facility in Orlando, Florida.

With this Mystery Montipora Coral 4 Pack, our farm team will select four frags to send to you. These are 100% tank raised and ideally suited for life in a saltwater reef aquarium. Each frag size is between 3/4" - 1"+ and we will ensure they are healthy and happy before sending them! 

The Mystery Montipora Coral 4 Pack is an excellent choice for beginners as it comes with great value and a selection of hardy, small polyp corals.  If you order more than one pack at the SAME TIME, we will not send duplicate corals. 

Montipora is a fantastic hard coral to add to your saltwater aquarium, especially if you are just getting started keeping Small Polyp Stony Corals. Montipora is a hardy type of small polyp coral that can be encrusting, plating, or branching. Montipora is known for its resilience and does well in most positions in a reef tank. In general, these corals like medium light and medium flow but can tolerate a little more or less of each. This makes them an excellent choice for beginners, as will all hard corals. It is essential to monitor your water parameteres to make sure these corals are getting the right amount of Calcium, Magnesium, and Alkalinity.

Photos represent the size and color of the corals you will receive, not the actual coral frags. Once you receive your corals, if you have any questions about their care, our customer service team will be glad to help. 

*Additional discounts do not apply to packs.

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