Acropora Coral Care

How to Care for Acropora Corals 

Acropora corals have the largest number of species in the small polyp stony world and can be one of the most demanding and challenging corals to keep—but they can also be the most rewarding. With our guide to Acropora coral care, we will try to alleviate the challenges you may face when caring for your Acropora. 

Tank Parameters to Maintain for Healthy Acropora 

The challenge of Acropora coral care is tied to their high demands for lighting, water flow, and pristine water chemistry. They crave incredibly stable conditions in their environment, and on the surface, this sounds simple; however, those that have successfully kept Acropora understand the underlying difficulty. All these challenges make for a constantly moving target as the reef system grows over time, so there are constant changes you have to make to maintain the reef’s health. 

  • Water Chemistry – Acropora corals need three major chemicals: Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium. These chemicals help them build their stony skeleton, and they are hypersensitive to those water chemistry changes.  
  • Water Cleanliness – In order for Acropora coral to grow and thrive, you want the tank to have low nitrate and phosphate levels. 
  • Light – Growth in an SPS reef system means that some corals extending upward will receive increased lighting, while the others below will be simultaneously left in the shade.
  • Water Flow – Acropora is found in areas of the reef with some of the strongest currents and greatly benefits from strong water movement in the home aquarium. Water movement is essential for bringing nutrients to coral and, more importantly, removing waste away from them. 
  • Feeding – Acropora thrives from having fish present in the tank and regular feeding of amino acids and small zooplankton for both growth and coloration.  

The World Wide Corals Difference  

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