At World Wide Corals, we operate one of the largest saltwater aquarium retail stores and coral aquaculture farms in the world. Visit our Orlando location to view our spectacular show tanks and purchase all of your live coral, saltwater fish, inverts, and saltwater aquarium supplies.


5402 Central Florida Pkwy

Orlando, FL 32821




7 days a week

11am - 7pm

1200g Lagoon Pentagon Show Tank

Our Orlando aquarium store is home to the most spectacular reef show tanks in the world. Come in and see our 1200g Lagoon tank with over 500 coral colonies in it. The finger-shaped aqua-scape and massive mangrove tree are something to behold. Viewing our display tanks and talking with a WWC aquarium specialist may give you some fresh ideas on how to design or reimagine your tank at home.

1500g in wall Reef Show Tank

Our other large reef show tank is a 1500g in wall setup. It houses our store's mascot Casper, the white leucistic yellow tang. Our aquaculture coral farm and aquarium store in Orlando has some other amazing fish in this tank-like our XL Black Tang, Gem Tang, Zebra Tang, and many more. In either of our reef show tanks, you’ll find various coral colonies representing our large coral stock that is available to you to purchase on our retail floor and website.

Live Corals, Saltwater Fish, & Aquarium Supplies

Our Orlando aquarium superstore has everything you need for your saltwater aquarium. From saltwater fish to frozen foods to led aquarium light fixtures, we stock it all. We can help you set up your aquarium, stock it with saltwater livestock, and provide you with customer support to keep it thriving. In addition to in-store supplies, our specialists are available to set up new or provide maintenance for your home aquarium. If you have questions, let us know—we’re always here to help.