Proper Chalice Coral Care & Maintenance

How To Care for Chalice Corals

Chalice corals are a broad category of corals ranging from several different genera, including echinophyllia, echinopora, oxypora, and mycedium. This wide range of species makes Chalice corals a diverse and versatile category. They come in a vibrant array of colors and patterns, meaning they’re some of the most popular large polyp stony corals among enthusiasts. Each species of Chalice coral is different, but there are a few general tips for proper Chalice coral care that you can rely on.

Guidelines for Healthy Chalice Corals

Like all corals, Chalice corals have specific requirements for tank light, water flow, feeding, and more. Below are a few Chalice coral care requirements to keep in mind:

  • Lighting – Chalice corals love low light. Mimic their natural environment by keeping your tank between 50 to 100 PAR.
  • Water flow – A light to moderate flow will keep debris from settling onto your coral. Some Chalice corals form a bowl shape that can easily catch debris, so make sure your water flow is enough to prevent this. However, if the coral’s tissue is moving with the water, your water flow is too high.
  • Feeding – Chalice corals benefit from both photosynthesis and feeding. Many Chalices are late-night eaters, but the wide range of species means you might have to experiment with foods to find the right one. Feeding Chalice corals meatier foods will help them grow faster.
  • Water chemistry – Like all LPS corals, Chalices need stable levels of calcium, dKH, and magnesium. They also need lower levels of phosphate and nitrate.
  • Water cleanliness – Chalice corals feed from nutrient-rich waters, so don’t keep the tank too clean.

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