Soft Coral Care

How To Care for Soft Corals 

Soft corals are the perfect corals for beginners looking to build a saltwater aquarium. They’re easily raised if you follow some simple soft coral care guidelines. These beautifully vibrant and unique structural corals light up and add an interesting landscape to an aquarium. Unlike the SPS and LPS corals, soft corals do not build an internal skeletal structure that would alter the reef structure. Soft corals bend and move with the current and flow of the water, which gives them have the appearance of waving in your tank. Soft coral care is essential to keeping your corals vibrant and your aquarium looking top notch! Check out our tips on how to care for your soft corals. 

Maintaining Healthy Soft Corals 

  • Light – Most soft corals prefer moderate light in aquariums; with high-intensity lights, the corals can be placed at the bottom of tanks, or if the light source is dimmer, place the soft corals at the top. 
  • Water Flow – Moderate-to-low flow is best for soft corals; this current provides circulation for food to be swept across the corals, but it is not too strong that the corals cannot open. 
  • Water Chemistry – Tolerance to chemistry changed within a tank is one of the main factors that make soft corals a great beginner coral.  
  • Feeding – Soft corals also enjoy a bit of food, so if your tank is somewhat dirty, that is a good source of food for them. 
  • Water Cleanliness – Soft corals can thrive in somewhat dirty tanks as long as the tank temperature is between 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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