Tips for Montipora Coral Care & Tank Placement

An Introduction to Montipora Coral Care

Montipora corals are one of the most popular small polyp stony corals for a reason. These corals come in a vibrant array of colors and multiple unique growth forms. You’ll never get bored of looking at each unique texture and appearance these corals can display. Even better, Montiporas are easy to care for and perfect for beginner SPS enthusiasts. Dive into the world of Montiporas by discovering these tips for proper Montipora coral care.

An Introduction to Montipora Coral Care

When it comes to proper Montipora coral care, follow these parameters to keep your Montipora corals vibrant, healthy, and gorgeous:

  • Feeding – Montipora corals get a majority of their nutrients from lighting, but you can also give them amino acids or small zooplankton. Keeping fish in the tank will also help keep your Montiporas well fed.
  • Water chemistry – Montiporas need steady levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium to grow. Additionally, keep phosphate levels at zero.
  • Water cleanliness – Keep the tank water clean to make sure nitrate and phosphate levels stay low. This will prevent discoloration and algae issues.
  • Lighting – Lighting is a crucial part of Montipora care. Moderate to high levels of lighting will help your Montipora corals perform photosynthesis and stay healthy.
  • Water flow – Montiporas love strong flows. Keep water flow moderate to high to prevent debris and bring enough nutrition to your corals.

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