BC Bubble Bath Unicorn Acropora

SKU: VP-030424-05

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3" x 2" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! This stunning and fast growing, deep purple tipped and blue branched Acropora has been in the hobby for 8 plus years. We at WWC acquried this piece at a trade show close to 7 years ago. This Acro should be be given and medium to high alternating flow and fed indirectly via broadcast feeding a couple of times per week with a good quality SPS food. Just make sure to not feed too much as this can ruin your water quality. Smaller amounts, more often is a good rule to follow. This Acropora is a great grower and can double its size in less than a year given a reasonably mature reef and placed in an area where it can receive around , 225 to 300 par. Keep in mind it will be paler with higher lighting, but it will still look amazing.

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