Mystery Brain Coral 3 Pack


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The smart thing to do is grab a Mystery Brain Coral 3 Pack! The Brain Coral frags in this pack are easy to keep and mostly fast-growing. Once frown, the colonies will start to take on a brain shape. 

Your corals are picked from our 100% tank-raised corals and ideally suited for a saltwater reef aquarium. The Mystery Brain Coral 3 Pack contains three hand-picked coral frags form the World Wide Corals Aquaculture facility in Orlando, Florida. They are selected for their color and healthiness. Each coral frag will be approximately 1/2" - 3/4" in size.  Photos represent the size and color of the corals you might receive, not the actual corals. 

The  corals in this mystery 3 pack can be from any of the genera: Favias, Favites, Platygyras, Goniastreas, and Plesiastrea. 

Once you receive your corals, you can contact our customer serv ice team if you have questions about carting for your new corals.  

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