Mystery Cyphastrea Coral 3 Pack


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Cyphastrea is a super popular encrusting coral, so popular that we made a whole pack for this unique coral type.  The Mystery Cyphastrea Coral 3 Pack contains three hand-picked coral frags from the World Wide Corals Aquaculture facility in Orlando, FL.  We select them based off their health and happiness. 

Your corals are picked from our 100% tank-raised corals and will continue to grow well in a saltwater reef aquarium. You will receive three random LPS Coral frags, selected by our team.  We will select from these varieties: WWC Blow Pop Cyphastrea, Bling Bling Cyphastrea, WWC Jingle Bells Cyphastrea,  Mardi Gras Cyphastrea, Copperhead Cyphastrea, PPE Cyphastrea and more!  Each coral frag will be approximately 3/4" - 1"+ in size. Photos represent the size and color of the corals you might receive, no the actual corals.

Cyphastrea corals are known for their ability to grow in the lower and darker corners of your tank. Once established, they will start to encrust everything they touch. This includes glass walls, floors, and other aquarium equipment, such as frag racks and overflows.

Some aquarists have take this unique growth type to the next level by planting them on decorative ceramic sculptures like skulls, mermaids, and 3D-printed items like name tags and company logos. Cyphastrea species also get along well with each other so that you can grow many different types on a single rock, creating a colorful Cyphastrea garden. 

If you have any questions about the care of your Cyphastrea Corals, after your package arrives, our guest service team will be happy to assist!

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