Emerald Crab


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Mithraculus sculptus.

The Emerald Crab is a highly valued member of the Saltwater Clean Up Crew, and a prized bubble Algae Destroyer. The emerald crab has a vibrant green color and is fun to watch wandering around your aquascape plucking algae from the rocks. The emerald crab is mostly a nocturnal animal so you will often find them out on the rock at when the lights go out.

The Emerald Crab is renowned for its ability to consume various forms of algae like filamentous algae and especially bubble algae in a *saltwater aquarium. By doing so, the Emerald Crab helps to keep algae levels in check. These crabs don't just feed on algae; they are also efficient scavengers, actively cleaning up leftover food and debris.
Emerald Crabs are happiest in mature tanks with lots of live rock, which provides plenty of space for hiding and grazing. However, in cleaner tanks, where algae might not be abundant, additional feeding might be necessary to maintain the crabs health and activity levels.

The Emerald Crab adapts well to various tank sizes, and grows to a size of about 2 inches, making it an ideal addition to community aquariums. While they are generally gentle and integrate well into reef ecosystems, it is advisable to monitor their behavior. On rare occasions, they may display opportunistic feeding habits.

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*The Emerald Crab, and all our inverts, are for saltwater aquariums only.

All invertebrates have an arrive alive guarantee.
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