Glowbug Branching Frogspawn Coral

SKU: VP-060424-08

Sale price$299.00


3.5" in diameter WYSIWYG and fully conditioned by WWC! If you've never had a frogspawn in your reef, you need one! The tantalizing sizzling neon tipped tentacles which wave in the current are mesmerizing. You'll be in love once they fully adapt to your reef. This is the definition of a perfect beginner Euphyllia as they are very easy to keep if you have a mature reef of around a year old.

Frogspawn Corals do well with low to medium lighting (par around 150 or so) don't put them too much higher in the reef as they can get burned. They also prefer an alternating low to medium-low flow. In regards to feeding, I would recommend target feeding it once a week with a high quality meaty frozen food to keep it fat, flowing and happy, lol.

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