Jason Fox Lethal Leptoseris

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Leptoseris sp.

Frag is between 1/2" and 3/4" in size.

Photo is a representation of the shape, size, and color of the coral you will receive.

Leptoseris are a great choice for beginner-level and experienced hobbyists. These LPS corals feature beautiful, vivid colors and require easy to moderate care to keep them vibrant and healthy. Leptoseris frags require medium to low light, and while their diets vary from species to species, like most LPS corals they can be fed small pellets, a good frozen LPS food or meaty other foods such as mysis. All Large Polyp Stony corals require medium to low alternating current. Our selection of LPS corals for sale includes a huge variety of genuses to choose from, including, Favia, Favites, Goniastrea, Platygyra, Echinophyllia, Mycedium, Euphyllia, Alveopora, Cyphastrea, Lithophyllon, and much more.

Size: 3/4"+

Light Light: Medium
Light Flow: Medium
LightCare: Easy
Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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