Rainbow Bubble Anemone


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Our Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea Quadricolor) are fully aquacultured and 100% adapted to reef tank life. Our Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone mother colony dates back over ten years. Over this time we've kept the brightest colonies to bring you the healthiest most colorful rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones. Be careful because anemones will wander around the tank, and can sting other corals. If you want to keep anemone plan ahead, and plan you reef tank around keeping these beautiful but advanced reef creature.

Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones require high lighting levels and moderate flow. When keeping anemones make sure to add an anemone guard around your powerhead. They require regular feeding to remain healthy.

Size may be under 1" upon arrival and will open once settled in and will open up to 1 1/2" - 4" when fully expanded.

Photo is a representation of the shape, size, and color of the anemone you will receive.

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