Sand Sifting Starfish


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The Sand Sifting Starfish, plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of a *saltwater aquarium with a sand bed. Despite its seemingly dull coloration of brown and beige bands, this starfish is a fascinating addition to any tank. Known for its efficiency at shuffling through the sand and consuming detritus and uneaten foods, it is an active participant in the tank's ecosystem, especially active at night.

This Sand Sifting Starfish is omnivorous and can sift through large amounts of sand in search of food, making it an essential part of any aquarium with a substantial sandbed. While it primarily feeds on detritus, the Sand Sifting Starfish may also consume small invertebrates, necessitating a varied diet to prevent it from starving once the detritus is depleted. This makes it important to actively supplement its diet in well-established aquariums.

The Sand Sifting Starfish requires specific tank conditions for optimal health, including a deep sandbed to burrow and search for food. Care should be taken to house it away from natural predators. Like many invertebrates, it is sensitive to rapid changes in water conditions and should never be exposed to air. The drip acclimation method is recommended for introducing this starfish to your tank. 

They are typically available for purchase in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" to 4".


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*The Sand Sifting Starfish, and all our inverts, are for saltwater aquariums only.

All invertebrates have an arrive alive guarantee.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image.

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