C3PO's Lovely Locks Fungia Plate Coral

SKU: VP-040424-10

Sale price$449.00


3.5" in diameter, WYSIWYG and fully conditioned by WWC! Did you know that C3P0 was originally designed with lucious locks of fluorescent hydrolic fluid filled tubes of hair? Some how we were able to steal a 3" section of his discarded scalp! And much to our surprise they spared no expense and had it made of pure 24k gold with bits of purple vescar! Plate Corals have their feeding tentacles out most of the time, so feeding them can be relatively easy. The trick with feeding them is to hold a piece of meaty food in place with a pair of tweezers until the Plate Coral grabs a hold of the food with their tentacles. In regards to placement and flow, place them on the sand where they can receive lower intensity light (around 150 or less par) and in an area of low to low-medium flow.

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