Tyree Setosa Montipora

SKU: VP-031524-18

Sale price$229.00


4" x 2.5" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! 25 plus years in the hobby! This montipora is basically a antique in our hobby and is a must for any burgeoning reefer that wants those bullet proof corals in their reef. Keep in mind the lower the light the more red it will be and the higher the light the more orange. The higher the flow the more it will encrust and the lower the flow the more it will encrust. Now if you'd really like to speed up their growth rate, target feed this Monti by squirting a small amount of excellent quality SPS frozen food once or twice per week via a large syringe. Best results will be found when you place your recirculation pumps on feeding mode so that the polyps can "catch" the small particles of food floating by.

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