WWC Super Red Polyp Clathrata Acropora

SKU: VP-031524-09

Sale price$349.00


1.25" x 1" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! The WWC Super Red Polyp Clathrata can be considered one of our Legacy Corals! We've growing this beauty our for more than 10 years now and it is always a crowd pleaser! The insane canary yellow tipped corallites and always red polyps, plus a relatively slow grower make for an Acropora that never seems to lose it's value as it always sells and fast too! This is a light loving Tabletop Acro and should be placed high in your reef so that it can receive somewhere in the vacinity of 250 to 350 par along with strong alternating flow. We would also recomend it be fed indirectly via broadcast feeding a couple of times per week . This piece is a good grower and can double its size every nine months to a year given a mature reef with stable parameters.

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