WWC Fantasmo Favia Coral

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2” x 2" in diameter, WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC for over 6 years now! This dates back to our original farm and we are in love! The huge rainbow colored polyps are smashing spectacular and are worth every penny! Please note, to get these amazing colors, this piece has to be placed where it receives even less light than most.

The WWC Fantasmo Favia is perfect for the lower section of a mixed reef with par around 75 and low to medium-low flow. You basically glue it down to a piece of live rock and let it encrust out in all directions. Just don't place anything within a few inches that can't be moved in 6 months (unless it's another coral with a similar sting). We also recommend target feeding this LPS once a week, but only when it's feeding tentacles are extended a little bit (this usually occurs while feeding your fish, or before the lights come off or before they turn off for the night.)

Vic’s Picks features the sweetest, and absolute healthiest corals from our 30,000 gallon farm. Vic, one of the founders of WWC, has an eye for corals and he is known throughout the industry for his ability to find and farm gorgeous corals. Vic personally and carefully hand picks all the corals for this collection. 

Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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