WWC Golden Dragon Acropora

SKU: VP-041224-05

Sale price$149.00


3" x 2" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! This newish Acro that has come into the WWC family just recently (within the last 3 years). It's a wide table top with long polyps and golden metallic 2" long upturned branches that grow pretty quickly under optimal conditions. This beauty will do best in the lower third of your reef (175 par) for best growth and coloration. To really speed up the growth rate of Acropora, target feed them by squirting a small amount of excellent quality SPS frozen food once or twice per week via a large syringe. Best results will be found when you place your recirculation pumps on feeding mode so that the polyps can "catch" the small particles of food floating by. If you don't have a feeding mode, set a timer as you do not want to forget to turn your pumps back on!

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