WWC Little Red Ferrari Acropora

SKU: VP-060524-16

Sale price$199.00


3" x 1.25" WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC! A true customer favorite and of the most famous of all bottle brush Acropora! This deep rosy red branched with molten gold tips is sure to excite even the most picky of reefers! The growth pattern of this Acro is crazy! Given enough space it will grow out in these crazy thick snaking bottlebrush branches. Keep in mind being a deeper water Acro, don't give it much more than 175 par, anymore and it will most likely lose that stunning Red. To really speed up the growth rate of Acropora, target feed them by squirting a small amount of excellent quality SPS frozen food once per week via a large syringe. Best results will be found when you place your recirculation pumps on feeding mode so that the polyps can "catch" the small particles of food floating by. If you don't have a feeding mode, set a timer as you do not want to forget to turn your pumps back on as that would be really, really bad. Acropora will also catch food passing by during you normal feedings, so feeding this way isn't completely necessary and should only be attempted when you want to jump start their growth.

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