XXL Candy Crush Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral

SKU: VP-042624-04

Sale price$699.00


3" in diameter, WYSIWYG and fully conditioned by WWC! This Candy Crush Mushroom is stupendous and freaking huge and will start pumping little babies shrooms out once fully acclimated to your reef! WIth a little luck and some low flow and low light, they might just spread all over the place! Make sure to place this mushroom low, like super low in your reef (less than 100 par), with low flow. We also recommend target feeding it once per week, and if you do you'll be overjoyed to see it start to grow more quickly and eventually bud off and spread out in all directions! The trick with feeding Mushroom Corals is to hold a piece of meaty food in place with a pair of tweezers until the Mushroom grabs a hold of the food. And once the mushroom grabs onto it you will then be able to watch the cool process of the mushroom slowly closing up around the piece of food. It’s awesome to watch! Just like everything in reefing, be patient and you will be amazed at what transpires!

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