Mystery Zoanthid Coral 3 Pack


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The perfect coral frag pack to start your Zoanthid garden or add to your growing collection! Our Mystery Zoanthid Pack comes with three randomly hand-picked frags that have 2-3 polyps.

Zoanthids are the most diverse coral we offer!  We grow over one hundred varieties of Zoanthids at the World Wide Corals Aquaculture facility in Orlando, Florida. Zoanthids are hardy little polyps that look like flowers once they grow out.  Zoanthids do not compete with each other and instead will interlink their tentacles when open making a seamless border between colonies. 

People love collecting and combining Zoanthid varieties to craete a colorful, flowy Zoanthid garden. Zoanthids are easy to keep and often multiply once established. If you do not want your Zoanthid to spread to far, you can isolate them on their own rock.  If you ever want to frag Zoanthids or remove them from rocks, wear protective eyewear and gloves. Zoanthids contain a unique chemical called palytoxin which can irritate the skin and eyes. 

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Light Light: Medium
Light Flow: Strong
LightCare: Easy
Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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