5 Common SPS Corals To Get Your Aquarium Started

As you’re working to build your first saltwater aquarium, it’s easy to only consider the final vision for the display. From the bright and lively fish swimming about to the vibrant, colorful corals floating in the current, these tanks exemplify our own piece of the wild. However, for you to create an ecosystem that lasts, it’s vital that you pick your specimens wisely—especially if you want to start with less forgiving SPS species. Here are five common SPS corals to get your aquarium started.

Chalice Coral

Otherwise known as Echinophyllia coral, chalice corals are some of the easiest SPS to manage in a tank environment. Strong and hardy, this species attaches itself to a sturdy surface and creates a large, stable disk shape to avoid breakage. As such, they’re perfect for beginner aquariums with frequently changing conditions. However, it’s important to note that chalice corals are aggressive towards other marine life. So, be sure not to place them within reach of other organisms.

Montipora Corals

Montipora corals are also important to keep in mind during your build. These corals develop many different formations such as tendrilled and plated. Both are much sturdier than traditional SPS corals and, therefore, have a better chance at surviving in beginner tanks. Tendrilled Montipora though, or Montipora Digitatas, are a bit more fragile and shouldn’t be in an area with too much direct water circulation.

Acropora Corals

Taking on a bright neon color, Acropora corals are some of the most eye-catching specimens you can keep in your tank. As such, they’re a very popular option for reef tanks as well. This species possesses a wide branching structure, and they grow fast. Because of this, it’s vital that you give them enough space to adequately grow into their environment. They also produce a slime-like substance when disturbed that can harm more sensitive fish and invertebrates.

Bird’s Nest Corals

Another common SPS coral to get your aquarium started is called Bird’s Nest Coral. As the name suggests, these organisms have long, jagged, and uneven branches, resembling a bird’s nest in a tree. They’re low-cost and generally easy to care for compared to other SPS varieties. But it’s still important to note that like most other SPSs, they grow rapidly and can demonstrate aggression towards other marine life.

Stylophora Corals

Stylophora corals are bright and colorful with breathtaking ranges of green, pink, and purple. Because of this, they’re a great addition to any vivid tank display. They grow very large in the right conditions though, making it important that they have enough space. Otherwise, you risk them choking out the other specimens surrounding them.

If you’re considering any of these corals for your new saltwater aquarium, we at World Wide Corals can make your vision a reality. Our selection of SPS corals for sale come from our own aquaculture colonies. This way, you have access to every beautiful species possible, without needing to tear them from their native ocean environment.

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