Coral: Why Add It to Your Tank?

When you have a tank or aquarium with live fish in it, you want to complete the look and appeal by adding coral to the tank. Coral packs are one way to quickly fill the empty space in your aquarium and make the tank more beautiful and physically alluring. There are many types of beginner coral, such as pulsing xenia, Zoas, and other soft corals to give your tank a unique and wondrous appeal without much care needed.

When it comes to coral packs, you want to make sure you order them from a reputable company so they get shipped to your home safely. With the right care you can enjoy your new corals for years to come. Here are a few benefits to adding corals to your reef tank:

Coral Adds Dimension

Whether you prefer the movement of a Euphyllia coral, or you like the branching structures of an SPS coral, you can add dimension to your fish tank when you add a live reef to your aquarium. You can predict and design how your reef will grow by the knowing the shapes your species will turn into and the placement you choose in the beginning. Remember: `to keep your coral skeletons growing fast you have to have enough light and calcium: it's recommended you shine three hours of blue light, then a combination of blue and white light for up to four hours, then another session of blue light for your coral to grow healthily.

Coral Completes A Healthy Tank

Your coral reef fish tank is complete once you add live reef into the mix. Coral structures provide a home to the fish and help keep them calm with places to hide at night. Coral helps to create balance in a fish tank, so it's wise to buy saltwater coral if you have a plethora of fish, crabs, and other sea life. Certain species of crabs, shrimp, and even fish have symbiotic relationships with corals and can benefit greatly from having them in the aquarium. If you have any questions about how to take care of your coral reef fish tank, contact a WWC reef specialist today.

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