Essential Supplements for the Saltwater Reef Aquarium
Essential Supplements for the Saltwater Reef Aquarium

From purchasing the right lighting system to ensuring the water current is perfect for your marine life, the process of building your own reef tank is as particular as it is fun. However, with all these steps to building the tank itself, beginners can easily forget other crucial components such as tank supplements. As additives that facilitate the ideal aquarium environment, these supplements can make the difference between a thriving ecosystem and a dying one. Learn about some essential supplements for the saltwater reef aquarium and why you should be using them.

Alkalinity Supplements

Alkalinity is one of the main components of a thriving reef tank for many reasons. For starters, it acts as a buffer between the marine life and any materials that could make the water too acidic for their survival. The right alkalinity solution makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy pH level within that environment. Your tank organisms will then be free to grow and replenish what they consume.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements facilitate growth and regeneration. This mineral acts as a major building block for many types of marine life—but most dominantly for coral colonies. Since corals consume a lot of calcium as they grow, calcium supplements can replenish what’s lost in the process and maintain a balanced environment.

Bacteria Supplements

Bacteria supplements are another useful thing to mix into your tank, as they eat away at any waste products from your fish and other lifeforms. This keeps the water cleaner for longer and reduces the frequency at which you need to clean out your aquarium. Corals can also consume these supplements, which can act as a surrogate food source when necessary.

Coral Additives

These additives are the closest corals come to having a designated food source. Because corals can feed on a variety of things, aquarium owners aren’t often required to use these mixtures to keep their corals alive. However, coral additives are wonderful for providing specimens with additional nutrients that contribute to their bright and vibrant colors.

It’s important to us at World Wide Corals that our customers are satisfied with their purchase as well as on their way to creating their ideal saltwater aquarium. This is why, in addition to our LPS corals for sale, we also want to supply beginners with the knowledge of how to successfully care for them. With these tools in your arsenal, we know you can create a beautiful and unique tank display for the entire family to be proud of.

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