Placement of Corals in Your Reef Tank

Placement of Corals in Your Reef Tank

Each type of coral is different from the last—meaning that each requires specific resources and environmental conditions in order to thrive. Like many other marine organisms, live corals require varying levels of light and water flow in order to produce food and, ultimately, to grow. In a controlled environment such as a reef tank, coral placement is key to ensuring each specimen gets its preferred survival conditions. This means that, in addition to providing the right alkalinity and temperature, it’s important that you also take the time to consider the placement of corals in your reef tank.

SPS Corals

Brightly colored and uniquely shaped, SPS corals are prizes for any experienced hobbyist. Growing them can be a bit of a challenge—which makes their placement particularly important. These corals prefer an increased water flow and a more intense concentration of light. Both of these characteristics make them the perfect specimens to place closer to the surface of the water. Just be sure to place them low enough that they don’t breach the surface as they grow.

LPS and Soft Corals

LPS and soft corals, on the other hand, aren’t as sensitive to light and water flow. In fact, they tend to prefer lower-flow, partially shaded areas instead. This means they typically thrive when placed lower in the tank or even buried in the sand. You still want to ensure they get some light, but they don’t need nearly as much of it in order to perform basic functions.

Flow Collision

When you’re considering the placement of corals in your reef tank, it’s also important that you think about how your water flow is set up. No matter how you arrange your water flow, there are going to be areas where two currents meet. This is known as flow collision, and it ultimately creates a third current that’s twice as strong. If you happen to place a coral in a space with flow collision, the clashing of the two currents could jar the coral from its perch. So make sure you’re aware of how strong the flow is and where they intersect when you’re planning your coral layout.

At World Wide Corals, we believe that the art of designing your own reef tank should coincide with your personal tastes and style. However, we also want to ensure that each of your coral fragments gets everything it needs to thrive. This is why, in addition to providing a stock of beautifully colored corals, we also want to inform our customers on the basic guidelines to care for them.

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