Three Natural Reef Aquarium Methods

Three Natural Reef Aquarium Methods

A common belief among reef tank owners is that aquariums should mimic the natural environment as closely as possible to have the most authentic product. After all, these organisms survive on their own in the wild for a reason—natural methods are the healthiest way for them to survive. However, making the transition to a natural tank can be difficult when you aren’t sure what your options are. Here are some of the most effective natural reef aquarium methods and how to apply them to your own tank.

Refugium Filtration

A refugium is a small aquarium that you attach to your larger tank to help regulate the aquarium’s overall distribution and production of essential nutrients. Inside this device you’ll find a deep layer of sand, live rock, and several microcrustaceans. As uneaten food or waste flows into the refugium, the sand catches these particles, and the live rock and other organisms feed on them. This process produces phytoplankton for the rest of your aquarium habitants to feed on. When stabilized, this self-repeating movement maintains the level of organisms in the tank at one time, so you won’t need to manually filter out contaminants.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Next to sunlight, the most natural way to light your home reef aquarium is with quality lights. Full spectrum lighting produces the most natural-appearing light and supply your organisms with the highest amount of energy. High quality LED lights, a combination of different T5 light bulbs, or Metal Halide lighting can give you full spectrum lighting. When you light your tank this way, you will be replicating sunlight. Cheap quality LED or power compact fixtures will not give you full spectrum lighting.

Random or Wave Water Flow

Water flow is also crucial to helping your aquarium organisms receive the proper amount of nutrients. But if the water is always flowing in the same direction detritus and other material can build up in one area of your aquarium. In nature, water flow around the reefs is often wave-like or random which keeps sediment from settling in one place. Simulating this type of water flow is the most natural way to provide water movement to your inhabitants.

Corals and live rocks are components of any naturally run saltwater aquarium. They can properly filter and distribute nutrients. That’s why at World Wide Corals, we provide tank owners like you with hardy, beautiful, and diverse types of coral from our aquaculture center. By buying corals online right from our store, you’re guaranteed a quality product and safe shipping to your door.

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