Tips and Tricks for Caring for Montipora Corals

Montipora corals are among the most famous corals in the world. Since they have a wide range of color variations and several distinct growth forms, they make unique additions to any saltwater aquarium. However, caring for them can seem challenging because of their diversity, especially for beginner hobbyists. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks for caring for Montipora corals at home and ensuring they thrive.

Maintain High Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial components to caring for any type of coral. However, it’s especially vital for Montiporas. Found near the islands of the Indo-Pacific, this species loves light and will show drastic changes in color depending on the kind of lighting you use. Fluorescent and LED fixtures are the most popular options, as they can provide the intense light these corals need while remaining within your control.

Keep Tank Parameters Consistent

Another vital tip for caring for Montipora corals is to ensure you keep all tank parameters consistent. Montipora corals respond well to conditions that they’re used to. But, if their environment fluctuates, they may not thrive as much as you expect. So, since the state of your tank will change over time, it’s crucial to monitor light, temperature, and chemical levels regularly.

Use Calcium Supplements

As your Montiporas grow, they’ll absorb calcium from the tank and use it to build onto their exoskeleton. Because of this, you may have to occasionally use supplements to maintain a consistent calcium level within your aquarium. This is also a reason to check your tank’s chemical levels at least once a week.

Avoid Too Much Water Flow

Another tip to keep in mind involves the amount of water flow you allow your Montiporas to receive. While these corals prefer moderate to high water flow in their environment, direct exposure can uproot them from their rocks. For this reason, we recommend that you direct your flow heads away from the corals themselves and monitor your tank for signs that you should turn the flow down.

For more advice on how to care for your Montipora corals, give World Wide Corals a call. Not only do we keep colonies of Montipora corals for sale, but we also seek to act as a resource for beginner and experienced hobbyists alike. Reach out to our team of experts to learn what it takes to keep these corals healthy and help them thrive in your home.

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