What Do Coral Reefs Need to Survive


Natural corals are some of the most breathtaking plant life on the planet. But they can only become so beautiful when allowed to thrive in the proper conditions. It’s for this reason that every saltwater aquarium owner must know what coral reefs need to survive and how to meet those needs in their own tank. These are the most crucial necessities for coral to live and flourish.

Quality Water Conditions

Corals are extremely sensitive to pollution and sediments in their environment. These things can either poison the living organisms or significantly diminish their access to sunlight. Both conditions can be fatal to the coral and slow the generation of new coral specimens. As such, you must provide your coral with clean, clear, and warm saltwater.

Plenty of Food

Like most plants on the surface, corals use sunlight to produce natural sugars which they then use for energy. This energy is created by algae lifeforms that live within the coral to feed the coral polyps. Once fed, the polyps release what the algae feed on—carbon dioxide. But this isn’t the only source of nourishment for living coral. Often, they will also catch microscopic plankton from their surroundings to further sustain themselves.

The Right Amount of Light

The proper amount of light is key to keeping a coral specimen thriving in its environment. This is the reason why corals naturally grow in the ocean shallows, where they have greater access to the sunlight. However, it’s best to keep in mind that while all corals need some light, the amount of light needed can vary based on coral type. For instance, hard corals, such as SPS and LPS, require more light than softer corals.

Water Circulation

Corals also require water circulation around them, as this helps maintain a replenishing food source and keeps the water a steady temperature. If allowed to sit stagnant, the environment could heat up to an unbearable temperature or the water’s overall alkalinity could fluctuate—threatening the coral’s longevity.

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